Danica Miller


Danica is the Queen Mum, the Benevolent Dictator, the Lucille Bluth, of Smarty Mommies. She likes her moms smart, funny, and virtual. In addition to molding the minds of her eager minions, she also mothers three objectively cute, like BabyGap model cute, seriously you can’t even imagine this level of cuteness, if slightly unwashed, children. The kiddos are ages five and under, which doesn’t strike her as that crazy until she tries to take them anywhere. In her spare time, she is an Assistant Professor, a position that increasingly seems to be less about teaching and research and more about committees and meetings. (She is actually writing this bio during a faculty meeting.) Danica has no idea how she managed to win the academic job lottery, but she’s confident Fate will realize Her mistake during the tenure process. Her hobbies are pumping, wifing her handsome husband, and staring blankly in disbelief.



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