When Women Read: Book Club as Feminist (Textual) Space


We here at Smarty Mommies like to read, and if you are reading this, I'm going to assume you are doing so of your own free will because you, too, like to read. So let us join our internet hands and read together. Book Club begins now.

First Rule of Book Club: We do talk about Book Club. All the time. Let's talk about books. Second Rule of Book Club: We do talk about Book Club. Seriously, it will be fun. What don't you get? Third Rule of Book Club: If someone says 'stop' or goes limp, taps out, Book Club is over. In order to prevent mass fainting during Book Club, homework will be limited to a few chapters a week. Book Club will begin April 10 with Jessica Valenti's Why Have Kids? Uber-hip feminist writes the book we probably all think we should have written. Get it here.

Please have read the introduction, plus the first two chapters by then. I will post a few discussion points, and then we can all duke it out, Book Club-style. For those of you trying to spend $25 so you can get free shipping at Amazon, our next Book Club selection will be Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman. Get it here.