Joiner/Rejoinder: Smarty Mommies, Simple Mom, and Spring Cleaning

Hey, look! It's Syliva Plath! Photo credit.

While we Smarties usually pride ourselves on being multi-iconoclastic, we also live in the real world. It may seem from the high-brow content and tone of this blog that we live in pristine ivory towers like The Childlike Empress in The NeverEnding Story, so it surely must surprise you to learn that instead we live in houses swarming with children, husbands, pets, and their filthy accompanying detritus. And that means, that, sadly, we must work to keep our homes in any kind of functioning order. Yes, it is tragic and true: Even Smarties dirty their hands in the name of housework.

Why does she look distraught? That headboard is a bitch to dust. Photo credit.

But, because we are women who love some good research and reflection, we also enjoy reading blogs about raising kids and managing our homes. And so we both independently found and now collaboratively love Simple Mom and its related websites. One of my greatest weekly pleasures is to sit on a hard bleacher seat in the disinfectant humidity of our local pool and read Simple Mom, et al., while Livy takes her swimming lessons. And the founder of the sites, Tsh Oxenreider's, book Organized Simplicity hasn't left my bedside table since I bought it over 2 years ago. Yeah. I'm a fan, and, because she has great taste, so is Danica. So when Danica sent me a link to Simple Mom's Project Simplify 2013, a sort of internet clean-along for the month of April, only a couple of hours after I commented on the post introducing the project, we both knew that it was The One, said yes, burst into tears ("Of joy," we said, "I promise!") and started flashing out left hands at anyone who would make eye contact with us.

That's right. Not only are we housewives now, but we are also housewife joiners. High school usses just rolled over in their taut, mouthy graves.

Regardless of grave-rolling, we're proud to bring you in all its traditional housewifery and blogging sycophancy, our joint entry into Project Simplify 2013. Each following week in the month of April we will post updates on our participation, and we hope that you'll join us in cleaning up your own act, too! It's springtime, people! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and our homes are shitholes. Let's shovel out together, shall we?


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