Book Club: Day 1, Post 1

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Hi Smarties! Welcome to Book Club!

As this is our virgin voyage, we have a few kinks to work out, namely how to set this up in a way that is conducive to discussion. I’ve decided to put today’s reading up as two separate posts, the introduction as the first post and the first two chapters as the second post. This way our comments will be more focused on those specific talking points, not that I want to cage you, dear readers. Let your comments fly and soar.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite quotes, and added some of my own personal commentary/questions. I think that should be enough to stimulate discussion, if not, please bring up points that you found particularly striking or compelling.

Me, wondering why I ever had that sweet, little creature, who is about to fling herself head first into our freshly composted garden.

The Introduction:

1. “This is a book about how the American ideal of parenting doesn’t match the reality of our lives, and how that incompatibility is hurting parents and children” (xix).

“The problem that has no name” is now “the expectation of perfection, or, at the very least, overwhelming happiness” (xii)

In what ways did you have this fantasy childbirth/new mother experience?What ridiculous things did you prep/worry over? Or, did your fantasies set you up for any feelings of failure post-partum?

2. “I’m talking about the soul-crushing drudgery of day-to-day parenthood that we’re too embarrassed to talk about” (xiv).

Woah. Seem a bit harsh? Or does it? If parenthood is “soul-crushing,” why?