Book Club: Day 1, Post 2

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(I love so much that Valenti divides her book into “Lies” and “Truth.” It just makes understanding her argument so simple!)

Chapter 1—Children Make You Happy

Me almost exploding with happiness.

20 hours of labor + 3 hours of pushing + need for emergency c-section + great hat = joy overload. Also, if Christina's gown looks a little moist it's because she had just barfed it.

Wrong. Or I’m sorry, Lie! Liar! Lies! All of them! Pants on Fire!

“Nearly every study done in the last ten years on parental happiness shows a marked decline in the life satisfaction of those with kids” (13).

“Parental joy is largely a new—but powerful—idea” (15).

Are we happier now that we have kids? If not, why? What makes motherhood unhappy for you? Is happiness configured differently for you post-baby?

Chapter 2—Women are the Natural Parent

More lies!

Although, and maybe because I consider myself a follower of Attachment Parenting, I have to say that I thought Valenti’s argument got a little, dare I say, hysterical at this point? She doesn’t argue that women aren’t natural parents, she argues how the natural parenting movement hurts women. What say you? Do you think Attachment Parenting hurts mothers?

Do you agree that, “Isn’t [attachment parenting] just a spiffed up version of telling women that their most important role in life is a domestic one?” (21).

Also, elimination communication? I think we can all agree that’s weird. Right?


Finish Lies for next Wednesday 4/17

Finish Truth for 4/24