Post-Drawer Anxiety in a Pre-Drawer World

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Okay, okay. I got real excited about the Simple Life or whatever project. I might even have been the one to suggest we post on it, but also knowing Christina's equal obsession with Christian homemaking blogs, it wasn't like I had to convince her to do it.

Here are the three mini-projects I needed to tackle:

The Junk Drawer:

The Basket:

which is smack in the middle of my pretty shrine to Fiestaware

and rather spoils the Martha Stewartness of it all.

And finally,

the Silverware Drawer:

However, due to blah, blah, blah, I only got around to the Silverware Drawer.

This is what I uncovered once I took everything out.

I did not put that shelf paper in, and clearly, I have never cleaned it either. Away it went to the trash where it probably should have gone before it was ever used on a shelf in the first place.

I felt really smart when I replaced the shelf paper with pretty cloth napkins.

The silverware organizer now only contains silverware. On the counter were all the extras that didn't belong in my Silverware Drawer Utopia: old baby spoons, three (!) pairs of scissors, and five (!!) corkscrews, which is ironic cause I can never find one when I need one.

In case you were wondering how this drawer held up after three days of use, here it is, three days later:

The corkscrew is back (with the cork still inside), a chip clip in the shape of sunglasses has miraculously appeared, and the ice cream scoop has sneaked itself in.

Next week is closets, and maybe I will attempt a drawer as well, if blah, blah, blah doesn't get in the way.