Book Club: Truth, or Why I Am Sick Of This Book

About Danica

There is Truth.

And there is Valenti's truth.

And this is my truth, Smarties.

This is me, right now. I just nursed my almost two-year old to sleep. I'm sick of nursing, and I'm sick of this book. I found the "Truth" section to be badly researched, and Valenti's tone to be arrogantly indignant. In a land where women's bodies are often considered to belong to the state, the best examples of victims of overzealous reproductive laws she can find are of a morphine addict and a mentally disabled woman with a history of child abuse? Come on. I just think there are more sympathetic examples out there.

So let's move this discussion out of the book and revert to the book's title. Why have kids, indeed? Why did you choose to have kids? More than one? How did your views on becoming a mother change in your lifetime and once you became a mom?