The Rubenesque Gamine: When Mythical Contradictions Become Dreams Come True

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Fashion update, peeps:

No, we don't clean Livy's bathroom mirror. Why do you ask?

Now that the Butt Dump Thuggers have gone by the wayside, or are at least at the bottom of a drawer and only used for gardening and cleaning (Livy's bathroom mirror excepted, of course), these beauties have taken their place. You can't tell from the filthy mirror picture, but there is a tiny dot print on the jeans that makes me feel all modern and with it in a "yeah, i wear a (barely) printed jean - WHAT'S UP, SON?!" kind of way. The shirt is from the sale section of Banana Republic, which makes me feel less fearful of it absorbing the inevitable carrot-stained baby drool. The shoes, which you can't see, are sweet little Atlantic blue ballet slippers that I can absolutely flee from danger in while looking completely adorable.

I'm all a bout de souffle, bitches!

The glasses are from Rachel Maddow's bedside table (Shhhhhh!). The haircut is from Breathless.

Thanks to Danica, The Morah, and Jean Seberg for being my muses.