Product Review: Coconut Oil and Subverting the Normative Beauty Agenda

About Danica

The thing is, I have fine skin. Not great and glowy, but totally okay, occasional blemish, maybe a bit ruddy after a night of drinking, ordinary skin. The other day I mentioned to my mom something about for being thirty-five, I was happy with the state of things, to which she replied, "Danica, you're thirty-six." I was surprised, and I guess more pleased with my physical appearance at that revelation, but a bit worried about my apparent age-related memory loss. Anyways, it seems that I should be investing in wrinkle creams and the like, but with age comes (some) wisdom, and after years and years of investing in lotions and potions, I just can't support the quackery anymore. Do expensive face lotions work? In my experience, with my normal, skin? Yeah. A little. But probably just as much as drinking lots of water and staying out of the sun. I have never found a skin care product that I can swear by. I'm just done, which is why when I heard using coconut oil as a face wash I decided to give it go. Cheaper than most face wash, and if I didn't like it, I could use it to saute some shrimp.

I stared blankly in the oil section of Trader Joe's for a good five minutes before finally finding the stuff. I did not expect the jar to look like a jar of mayonnaise, nor did I expect the actually consistency to resemble Chapstick. The smell, however, is like getting slapped in the face with a Pina Colada. Heaven. Actually washing my face with the stuff took a bit of getting used to. My face didn't really feel clean after using it. I think because I'm used to clean = dried out. Not anymore, Smarties. Now my face feels dewy right out of the shower, no face lotion required. I'm about a week in and I'm 100% recommending coconut oil if you have normal to dry skin and you are tired of using face wash and face lotion. My husband has actually been using it as Chapstick. I mean, hell, I might even use it to saute some shrimp later.