Book Club Is Dead! LONG LIVE BOOK CLUB!: Re-imagining Collaborative Reading As a Feminist Act

About Christina

People! I forgot that it's my turn to facilitate Book Club! I know it's a disappointment to get started later than initially promised (This was May's book? NO MORE!), but you can take out your blame and anger on these people:

She with whom I read Little House

She with whom I read and mark up "The Retro Wife"

Damn straight I use my daughters as human shields! Suckers (you AND them)!

So, let's just call our next Book Club selection, Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman our new shared read and leave month names out of it, shall we? Yes. We shall.

It's a quick read, and if you've got Amazon Mom or Prime or OptimusPrimeMom or what have you, you can get the book super quickly. So, I propose that we read the prologue and first three chapters by Tuesday, May 28th. It's a perfect Memorial Day read in that you can remember your own teenaged awkwardness as you read all about Caitlin Moran's in chapters delightfully titled "I Start Bleeding!," "I Become Furry!," and "I Don't Know What to Call My Breasts!," following the prologue, "The Worst Birthday Ever." What could go wrong? Nothing, that's what!

So, read along with us, Smarty Readers! Let's get furry, bloody, and breasted all over againtogether.

And, while you wait for your book to arrive, please won't you get this song in your head with me? We used to be so young...