Hiatus Hernia

About Christina

1. Danica is defending her dissertation later this month. 2. She is also a full-time SAHM of two right now. 3. I pulled Livy from Pre-K for the summer to do some homeschooling. 4. Maddsy has gone from pleasantly inert lump to fully active, anarchic member of the family. 5. Which means I'm now a full-time SAHM of two, too. 6. I have Vast Ambitions for writing, running, cooking, gardening, and reading this summer. So, what I'm saying with this list is that for the summer we are going to dedicate our regular routine of panic attacks to those activities listed above rather than keeping up with blogging. We may post occasionally between now and autumn, but not weekly as we have been in the past. You'll miss us, of course. But know that we'll be back in the fall and eager to share with you all that our summer lovin' brought us (Dear god, not another kid. Or syphilis. Not syphilis.). Much love, our Smarties, Your Smarties