This Week in Old-Timey Patriarchal Bullshit

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OTPBS, Old-Timey Patriarchal Bullshit, is among the most infuriating of bullshits that we here at Smarty Mommies confront all the damn time. As much as we hate to sully these hallowed pages with such garbage, in the name of battling OTPBS we must first identify it, which means getting our hands (and blog) dirty.

We wish there were another way. But there's not. So, HAZMAT suits on, friends! We dive in!

Costello and Costello Real Estate Group, Issaquah, Washington.

Look at this OTPBS:

Now, it's easy to identify the obvious sexism in the assumption that a working mother is, by virtue of her multiple duties, not a professional and is a poor candidate as a real estate agent because of that. I mean, that PBS is so OT that we don't really need to parse it, do we? Especially not when all of the internet has already done that work for us. What's additionally infuriating about this ad is how it also denies the challenges working fathers face, too. The implication that the Costellos in the ad are childfree (which they're not!), and that's why they're able to be professionals is insulting to working mothers (You aren't good at your job because you have kids to think about!), working fathers (You're awesome at your job regardless of your kids because you don't have to think about them!), and the children of both (You're both holding your working mothers back AND are uncared for by your working fathers!). Sexism hurts everyone. OTPBS hurts everyone. This ad hurts everyone.

I, like the Dixie Chicks with George W. Bush, am ashamed that Costello & Costello are from my neck of the woods, and I'm glad that they're now backpedaling and attempting to apologize for their horrible ad. Enough with that OTPBS.

And now, for your palate cleanser, your freshening towlette, some hand sanitizer for your soul. Take it away, Connie Britton! Restore our faith in humanity!