Why We Love the Amys, and Why We Hope They’ll Love Us Back (or Acknowledge Our Existence. Baby steps


So, listen. Here at Smarty Mommies we have developed deep and profound love for both Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer. The Amys. We love them. And here’s why: The Amys are smart, hilarious, and feminists. I mean… it’s like the perfect trifecta of amazing. But there are other people who fit that bill, so why do the Amys stand out? They’re thoughtful in how they use their funny. They use it for good, Smarties. And that makes us swoon with awesome.

Let’s break it down.

(But seriously, this tiny person named Terra is amazing. BREAK IT DOWN, TERRA.)

We’ll start with Amy Poehler because of the alphabet. Amy Poehler has been cracking us up for fifteen years, from the Upright Citizens Brigade on, and any time she pairs up with Tiny Fey*, we all squee so hard we pee just a tiny bit in our pants. (We’ve had babies. Just… you know. Squeeing your pants is perfectly normal. ANYWAY.) But when she went and created Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and started bringing us stories of smart girls from around the world, empowering our girls to embrace their smart, and showing all our kids that Girls Can… well, shit. It was just about the best. Because YES. EXACTLY. And she’s doing it so well. Her site is inclusive and encouraging and joyful and hopeful and her FB page brings grins to each and every follower. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls promotes the good that women and girls do around the world, and helps us celebrate the strides we continue to make in equality and equity. And, if we may be so bold, we believe that Smart Girls who want to will one day become Smarty Mommies, and that fills us with glee and hope for the future. So Amy Poehler, we thank you for the laughs and the encouragement and the work toward eliminating OTPBS. You’re a mommy, and you understand how important this is. We’re with you, and we hope that together we can all be Smart Women.

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Now we have Amy Schumer. Oh, Amy Schumer, how we love your boldness. She stomps OTPBS right into the ground everywhere she goes, and somehow still cracks us up along the way. Her comedy is brave and brilliant and riotously funny. Even when it’s sad, like the 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer skit, we find ourselves in tears because of the humor, not because the sad state of affairs that is “women’s rights” these days. What makes Amy Schumer especially noteworthy in our book is her willingness to attack anything. Her skit about birth control was absolutely perfect. Her skit making fun of booty songs was not only hysterically funny, but also made a damn good point. That IS where our poo comes out! And her speeches continue to dig into the way women are treated in the public eye. This one and this one are particularly fantastic. She talks appearance, sex, money, and expectations. Nothing is off limits for Amy Schumer, and that means she says the things that many women are too shy/nervous/frightened to say. She gets at the tough stuff, but in a way that makes people more willing to listen. She speaks for a lot of us and, though I know she’s not a mommy, she is damn smart, and so we’d like to high five her.

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On top of all this, the Amys seem like incredibly great people, amirite? They’re funny, they’re smart, and they get it. And they’re going about educating the world about smart girls and smart women and women’s rights and inequality in ALL the right ways. So we’d like to extend Smarty Mommy-ness to them both. And we’d like to say a hearty and heartful thank you to both Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer. Thank you for keeping us laughing and learning and growing. Thank you for helping us kick OTPBS to the curb. (That’d be old-timey patriarchal bullshit if you’re not following us yet, Amys. It’s cool. We’ll get you both a t-shirt.) Thank you for being heroes to us and to so many other women and girls and people around the world.

And really, we wish we could do all of that thanking in person and then follow up all that heartfelt thanking with a fart joke because, you know, it’s us. But alas... we haven't met the Amys. YET.

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Source: Giphy.com

We fucking love the Amys. *And we also fucking love Tina Fey, but more on her later. Don't worry. Nobody puts Tina in a corner.

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