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Before I launch into the following list of links and good things to send you off on your weekend with a spring in your step and love in your heart, let's get in the mood, shall we? Let me take you down where the good stuff grows...

You feel better now, don't you? Yeah, you do! Now, "watch my lips, I am [linking]":

1. Tomorrow I'm ditching the kids and heading out to see Carrie Brownstein, my Joey Ramone since at least 1997, in conversation with Maria Semple. In preparation, I am loving the absolute daylights out of this piece. All Songs+1: Carrie Brownstein Isn't Who You Think She Is (NPR).* ** ***

2. Word on the street (heh heh) is that Liverpool has added pedestrian fast-lanes to its sidewalks. As a speedy walker, I appreciate the designated fast-walking lane on the sidewalks. As a confrontational bitch who delights in scandalizing mild, passive-aggressive Seattleites with direct communication, I would really miss employing my authoritative, booming, former-teacher "EXCUSE ME" against slow walkers and sidewalk hogs.

3. Hey, look! It's an app that makes your phone buzz when you're near a location at which an important moment in women's history occurred! I am all in! You can also nominate your own favorite inspirational and history-making women to be included on the map!

4. Speaking of women in technology, last week I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Elise Worthy, co-founder of Ada Developers Academy. Ada's tuition-free, year-long software developer training program for women seeks to narrow the gender gap in programming, a field in which 85% of workers are male, while addressing the high-skilled labor shortage in Washington State. Here, watch this video, and stay tuned for more about women in tech in coming weeks.

5. Related to the #AskHerMore campaign from The Representation Project, this piece illustrated the ludicrousness of media covereage of women athletes by asking male athletes the same sexist, diminishing, and reductive questions that are freuquently asked of female athletes. Go on! Give it a twirl! (Also, it drives me nuts that the tennis player asked to twirl didn't shut down that smug fuck asking her to spin right quick. But that's another post...)

6. I've already gifted Rad American Women to 5 different people, but that number is far outstripped by Seth M. Rosen, Jacob K. Goertz, and the Ms. Foundation for Women's 1,000 book donation to New York City Public Schools' libraries.

7. O, Canada! This Justin Trudeau gem will keep me smiling for days.

8. My nerdybuddy Michelle Nijhuis suggested that my family's Halloween costumes for next year be President, Vice-President, and Secret Service agents. Olivia is delighted by the idea of dressing up as the president, SLB and I are game to dress as Secret Service agents, and Madeline insists that she wants to dress as a princess. Perhaps she's a visiting dignitary? We only have 11 1/2 months to work on it, so time is of the essence! Luckily, if the president plan doesn't work out, we have inspiration here to consider (Maybe we can wear robes and trick-or-treat with 5 other similarly-robed friends and be an ideal Supreme Court? Do we have 5 other friends? So much to consider in so little time!)

9. And, finally, buy me this because I've always loved Audre Lorde's line "[c]aring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."

Photo credit and other rad things from Radical Hearts Print Lab

*Also, remember that one time at the Siren Festival in 2001 or 2002 when I blew a kiss to Carrie Brownstein after Sleater-Kinney's set, and she smiled and waved at me? Because that was awesome.

**Also, that time when I was in the front of a poorly attended S-K show and was dancing so hard that Corin and Carrie laughed at me? Similarly fantastic.

****And the time I ran into Corin Tucker in a ladies' room at a show when I was heavily pregnant and I shook her hand and thanked her for all that S-K has meant to me over the years and how I couldn't be the woman I am without them, and then I ugly-face pregnant cried all the way home because sometimes life - even in a ladies' room in a dirty venue - is just too beautiful and the ecstacy of gratitude is overwhelming? In the top 10 best moments ever.