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Well, we’ve been up and re-running with the new, fancy website for 3 months now (!!!), and I hope you’ve had a chance to settle in and get comfortable at Smarty Mommies. Sometimes we’re angry and sometimes we’re silly and sometimes we’re providing helpful information and sometimes we’re just telling fart jokes. But hopefully ALWAYS we’re bringing you what you want to read. We want you to know that you’re welcome here- no matter who you are. You don’t have to be a mommy to be here. You don’t even have to be a Smarty. You just have to be interested.

But in case you’ve jumped in with us and sometimes find yourself confused about what we’re saying or what we’re doing, I’d like to give you a little tour. Allow me to show you around, would you?

Just you, me, and Willy Wonka. Source: Urban Adventures

Let us begin with a glossary. You see, we have our own lingo here at Smarty Mommies, and if you’ve just started reading, you may not be familiar. So, let’s put our definitions all in one spot, shall we?

The Smarty Mommy Glossary

Smartner: n. a gender neutral term for the partner of a Smarty. Could be a wife, a husband, a life partner, a parenting partner, a baby daddy, a baby mommy, etc.

Smartling: n. a gender neutral term for the child of a Smarty. Can range in age from fetus to adult. (Teen smartlings are sometimes called smarteens.)

OTPBS: n. old-timey patriarchal bullshit. The very thing we, as Smarties, are trying to fight each and every day.

For the youngsters out there, this is what a dictionary used to look like! Source: Flickr

And just in case you’ve been so busy reading our GENIUS on the blog that you haven’t had the chance to poke around and see the rest of the site, let me tell you a bit about what you can find here.

First, we have the who we are page. Here, you can find out what we’re all about here at Smarty Mommies. On our individual pages, you can find out a little more about Christina, Danica and me, as well as regular contributor (and all around badass) Jess Burnquist and where to find more of us on the interwebs. Come say hi and read our stuff! (And if you want to read about how we got here in the first place, read our Origin Story.)

Next we have our upcoming projects page, which tells you we are working on a book. And we are! More information forthcoming as the process moves along. FYI: Writing a book is not a quick and easy process. WHO KNEW.

Next, we have our store! Our WHAT? You heard me. We have ourselves a little shop where you can buy Smarty Mommies stuff and OTPBS stuff and all sorts of good things. Always wanted an “Enough with the old-timey patriarchal bullshit” shower curtain? I understand. AND NOW YOU CAN BUY ONE. You’re welcome. We’re working on streamlining the shop as we speak, but in the meantime, take a look around and buy a little something if you like. Nothing says holiday like smashing the patriarchy with a luggage tag, don’t you agree?

Moving right along, we have our resources page, which gives you the chance to look at the stuff we look at. Here, you’ll find sites we love. Sites that are in line with our feminist philosophies, sites that help us as mothers, sites that help us organize our lives, sites that help us learn, sites that help us grow, and sites that help us decide what to wear. We highly recommend you peruse that page from time to time and see where we spend our time. If you’re unfamiliar with these sites, we’re quite sure you’d like them. (And there will be a more detailed rundown of what’s in there to come!)

And finally, we have our contact page. This is where you can ask us questions, send us comments, or Ask A Smarty! Ask A Smarty is a fabulous way to ask any question you might need help answering (an issue with your Smartling, an issue with your Smartner, a recommendation for a baby item, a question about handling OTPBS). We’ll ask a panel of Smarties for their feedback and get back to you with Smarty answers! You really can’t lose.

And so, my friends, there you have it! The Smarty Mommies website. Make yourselves at home. Kick off your shoes. Grab a drink and hang around for a while. We're glad you're here and we're grateful you choose to spend your precious time with us. We look forward to spending more time with you, Smarties.

About Shannon