Resources: Part 2

Now that we’ve shown you around the joint and Christina has given you an intro to some of her favorites sites under in our Resources, I’d like to show you around a few of mine. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but I’ll get to the rest later so you have time to explore and it’s not overwhelming. OKAY? Okay.

(All images belong to the websites)

1. The Manifest-Station

Jen Pastiloff, Beauty Hunter and most definitely NOT an asshole. (Image belongs to The Manifest-Station)

The Manifest-Station is an online magazine headed up by the incomparable Jennifer Pastiloff. Jen is an accomplished writer and leads workshops - On Being Human - around the world incorporating writing, yoga, sometimes dancing, sometimes screaming, often crying, definitely laughing, and always humanity. She has a strong following as a result of her honesty, kindness, and willingness to listen. She champions many movements- “Girl Power: You Are Enough” and “Don’t Be An Asshole” among them. (Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. You'll see.) She writes truthfully and provides endless inspiration to her readers and followers. I’ve had the great pleasure of writing for Jen a couple times, and each time she is gracious and encouraging. On The Manifest-Station, you will find truth in all its beautiful forms. You will be inspired, you will be moved, you will laugh, you will cry. But I guarantee you’ll be glad you went.

2. Luna Luna Magazine

Oooh oooh, witchy women. (Image belongs to Luna Luna Magazine)

Luna Luna Magazine is an online mag for darklings, founded by poet and journalist Lisa Marie Basile. The magazine recently relaunched and now has a compelling focus on the dark and the light. As ever, it is interested in the strange, the artistic, the confessional, and the sensual. Basile is a strong supporter of women writers and her belief in feminism and the arts are evident here. She has a great eye for quality work and salutes beauty in all it’s forms, unconventional or otherwise. Having been a staff writer for Luna Luna for over a year before starting Smarty Mommies, I can tell you, she is a wonderful human.The relaunch of Luna Luna brings with it a witchier vibe than before, making it bold and unique, yet still a surprisingly positive place to read new work and seek new beauty. Check it out. (And you can find pieces from the old site, including mine and Jess's, here.)

3. Girl’s Gone Child

See what I'm saying? I just want to mom while looking like that. (Image source: Sway Bloggers)

Girl’s Gone Child was the original wild child of mommy blogs. Author Rebecca Woolf writes about life with her four children in Los Angeles, and she does so with style and humor and honesty. She has great tattoos. She wears exceptional jewelry. Her eyeliner is always on point. Her kids have lovely, hipster-y names. Her home could be in a magazine. But as pretty and shiny as her life seems, I've never felt bad about myself reading her blog. Hopelessly jealous of her stylish life? YES. But bad about my own life? No. And to me, that’s what makes a good blog. I don’t want to read about all the ways I’m doing things wrong. I might want to read about your new fancy shoes or see your beautiful children growing up, but I don’t want to hear about how you’re better at it than I am. WE’RE ALL DOING OUR BEST, DAMMIT. So what I’m saying is: I like Rebecca’s writing. I like her pictures. I wish I had her bangs. But I don’t leave wishing I was a different person, and that, my friends, is a good thing.

4. Melissa Wehrman

I mean... even her bracelet is amazing. Please design my life, Melissa? (Image belongs to

YOU GUYS. Meet Melissa Wehrman- Smarty extraordinaire and creator of our gorgeous logo! Scroll up and look at it. Just look. It’s great, right? I KNOW. All of her work is like that. We’ve been lucky enough to know Melissa in our private FB group for quite some time, and we’ve gotten to know her and her incredible work quite well. When we asked if she would be willing to create a logo for us, she totally kicked ass. I mean… we literally could not have asked for anything better. Her website is filled with similarly amazing designs, and I highly recommend you scroll through and just let yourself appreciate the gorgeousness. The fonts alone, Smarties… Just so yummy. Also, she’s really funny. And smart. Obviously.

5. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Change the world by being yourself. THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING! Omg. (Image Source: Good News Network)

You’ve heard us sing Amy Poehler’s praises before. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s a feminist. She gives a shit about all kinds of things. AND, she started Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, which champions women and girls around the world and helps us fight the OTPBS. The Smart Girls site (and FB and Tumblr and Insta and Twitter) is filled with such positive, reaffirming, funny, smart goodness. (The She Said show happens to be my favorite.) I regularly go there to find my faith in humanity again. She’s a mama, too, so she gets precisely why this is all so important. We always say we want our kids to be Smart Girls who grow up to be Smarty Mommies. A partnership made in heaven, don’t you think? Go learn about the Smart Girls right now. You will not be sorry.

Well move on the rest of the Resources next week, but until then Smarties, poke and around and see what you like. We know you'll find something. *wink, wink*

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