Resources: Part 4

This is our second to last round up of the resources you can find over on our Resources page, and I gotta tell you, we have some great stuff in there. Every time I write one of these, I get all excited about the content these sites offer.

YEAHHHHHHH!!!! (Image Source: Giphy)

Ahem. Anyway, these are all sites we visit regularly and we've picked them because we think you'll like them, too. And without further ado...

1. Rad American Women A-Z

Seriously, though? You need this book. You do. I mean it. (Image property of Rad American Women A-Z)

I believe we’ve said it all already in our book review of this spectacularly rad book for all ages, but just in case: IT’S SO RAD. Buy the book. And then go to the website. You will learn, you will feel inspired, and if you are a teacher (high five!), you’ll find the images available for educational purposes AND they’re working on lesson plans aligned with common core. I mean… rad, right? That's why we fucking love them.

2. Full Grown People

I could spend weeks reading the essays here. Hang out there for a while. (Image property of Full Grown People)

Jennifer Niesslein is the founder and editor of Full Grown People and, as the co-founder of Brain, Child Magazine (which she sold in 2012 for entirely noble reasons), she knows about women and motherhood and much of the sticky stuff we address here at Smarty Mommies. Niesslein founded Full Grown People in 2013 in order to address all the other stuff – the transitions in a human life that leave us all confounded. FGP features essays exclusively, meticulously chosen essays that take on, as she says it, “how different people have figured it out as they’re going along.” I don’t think we ever know how we’re going to figure it out; we just do it. And that’s what makes FGP so incredible. It’s life on the page. Take some time over at Full Grown People. You won’t want to leave.

3. Already Pretty

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! But also witty, because duh. (Image property of Already Pretty)

For those of us interested in fashion and beauty, Already Pretty is a fantastic site for body-positive fashion tips and advice. Sally McGraw runs the site and works hard to include clothes, links, and contributors that are inclusive and diverse. Posts honor and celebrate all female-identifying people various styles, and all body types. Her individual style has morphed over the years, as everyone’s does, but she has been consistent in her drive to include fashion and beauty advice that speaks to all of us. She doesn’t typically suggest astronomically expensive lines, and she tries as hard as she can to find items that are on sale. (Take a look at the Insomniac Sale Picks!) This site is highly recommended for us regular ol’ people who want to look good, but also want to still be able to purchase food and walk for more than 3 feet in the recommended shoes (all of which are comfy and adorable at Already Pretty!).

4. Feministing

If only they made mud flaps with THAT on them. (Image property of Feministing)

This online community for feminists consistently produces smart, informative content. Feministing's diverse staff provides feminist analyses of pop culture, politics, current events, and more. Each piece is easy to read while remaining thoughtful and intelligent. The site is intersectional, inspiring, and provides motivation and resources for feminists to create change. If you're looking for low-risk way to start writing and connecting with other feminists and writers, their community provides a forum for new voices as well. The daily feminist cheat sheet is one of my favorite ways to stay up to date on news relevant to our feminist needs. Feministing is committed to educating the peeps and stomping out OTPBS, just as we are here at Smarty Mommies, and we love them for it.

5. Footnoting History

They're totally right. The best stories ARE in the footnotes. (Image property of Footnoting History)

Footnoting History is a bi-weekly podcast series dedicated to overlooked, unknown, and exciting stories plucked from the footnotes of history. The brainchild of Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge (A SMARTY WE KNOW AND LOVE!), Footnoting History aired its first episode on February 2, 2013 and has been growing ever since. The rotating ensemble of podcasters all possess graduate degrees in the field of history. Each historian conducts his or her own research as well as writing his or her own content. Their members have varied passions- both in periods (ranging from ancient Byzantium to modern America) and topics (everything from animal history to royal romance), so content is never limited. Entertaining and informative for history junkies and laypeople alike, I promise you'll enjoy listening to this podcast.

6. Jess Burnquist

I mean... just look at her. You love her, too, don't you.

Jess is a regular contributor here at Smarty Mommies and, well, we adore her. She writes the Making Out series for us, but she also writes regularly for other sites as well. She is A REAL LIVE SMARTY, a high school English teacher, a mama, an advocate, a poet, and a damn impressive (and busy) woman. She’s been featured in The Washington Post,,, Salon, Jezebel, Persona and more. We are lucky to have her with us and we hope you’ll follow her as she continues to kick ass and take names. We know we will.

7. Everyday Feminism

Feminism, ya'll. Errday. (Image property of Everyday Feminism)

Everyday Feminism is my number one stop when I need to find a way to explain or define a certain aspect of feminism for someone who’s struggling to make sense of it. This site provides clear, concise explanations, suggestions, and discussions about all aspects of feminism, from sex-positive sex ed to gender binaries to racial stereotypes. If you’re unsure what “cis” means, Everyday Feminism is your jam. If you want to know how to check your privilege, Everyday Feminism can tell you how. If you want to know how to support the trans community, Everyday Feminism has you covered. You can find info on the basics of feminism, privilege, the trans and GNC community, race, LGBTQIA, class, religion, sex, love, body, violence, and more. Check it out and I guarantee you’ll learn something and come out better informed.

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