Cheese Bear Violates our Venn Diagram (But Not Leonardo DiCaprio)

At a recent Broad (sic) Meeting of your Smarty Mommies, Shannon and I discussed the website's themes as a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles: feminism, parenting, and intelligent discussion. This is what we generally aim for in our pieces - essays and observations that hit at least one of these circles, but better if they address two or three. We want to bring you writing that is smart, feminist, and about parenting (with only a modest sprinkling of fart jokes or shopping posts). You deserve quality, and we aim to bring it to you.

But not today, friends. No, not today.

Today you get this:

image Source: My friend Emilie!

This, fair readers, is a The Revenant-themed casserole, including a block of cheddar expertly carved in the image of a ravaging bear. Emilie's fantastic mom, the fantastic sculptor Laurie Paus, is the artist behind this beauty. And, while this pic doesn't fit wthin our three circles, it definitely deserves three cheers.

Hip, hip - hooray! Hip, hip - hooray! Hip, hip - hooray!

More smart things later. But for now, just eat your cheese-bear-casserole or no dessert for you.

Party Bear! Don't maul me, bro! (Image Source)