OTPBS Report: Men Are Upset About The Ghostbusters Reboot

So, here’s a funny thing.

You know how a reboot of Ghostbusters is coming out in July? A reboot starring, wait for it… ALL WOMEN PEOPLE?!?

Who ya gonna call? LADYPEOPLE GHOSTBUSTERS. Duh.

I, for one, am super excited about it. I realize it could suck. And I am prepared for that possibility. But the fact that a big studio was willing to put in the $ to back an all-female cast in a remake of a beloved cult classic… well, I call that progress.

HOWEVER. Guess what. Men are upset about it. A lot of men. Like, enough men to make an entire Tumblr about all the upset feels from the menfolk. A Tumblr aptly named Men Being Upset About Ghostbusters.

That’s right.

So, when I said it was a funny thing, I guess I didn’t really mean funny-haha so much as funny-WTF. Because WTF.

And yes, yes, I know. #NotAllMen. I KNOW. I know lots and lots of smart, kind, feminist men. These are not the men I’m talking about. THESE are the men I’m talking about

Image from Men Being Upset About Ghostbusters


But here’s my biggest problem with all this panic about women as ghostbusters: What is the problem with remaking the movie – a great movie! – with women? What harm does it do?

There are a lot people who are feeling cautious about the reboot. Not because it stars women, but because they adore the original so completely. And that's fair! It's hard to watch do-overs of your very favorite movies. If they ever remake Pretty In Pink, I will probably be extremely pouty. I'm still angry that they remade Point Break. BUT. That's not what's going on here. These dudes can’t seem to come up with a reason. It’s just all raving about “OMG WTF, girls shouldn’t be in this because ew.” Which. Um. I mean, I know there are still a lot of idiots out there who believe that women are inferior (I assume these are the same people planning on voting for that wacky-haired fella with all the racism and violence-inciting?), but at least they can usually come up with some sort of daft reasoning for their claims. But these guys. They just feel sad because feminists. ????? Apparently, lady-people ruin everything. But no one knows why? Except for Chawwn Ayala who knows, definitively, That “some roles in movies are for men and some for women.” So. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Also, Jake Pearson, who is upset that the movie may now be feminized. THE HORROR.

As you scroll through this Tumblr, you’ll laugh and you'll seethe, but primarily you'll see lots of name-calling and freaking out and some mighty-strong racism and some appallingly violent imagery (wow, dudes). What you will not see is anything approaching a valid reason for this level of panic. So, ‘Murica may still be chock full of sexist, racism numbskulls, Smarties… but at least they’re not particularly smart or adept at critical thinking. We totally got this. *high five* I ain't afraid of no men.

P.S. Vincent James suggests we change the name to “GHOSTBYTCHES.” I AM DOWN WITH THAT.

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