This Thing I'm Doing: Getting on the Adult Sticker Chart Bandwagon!

Listen, people, if the Adult Sticker Chart phenomenon is good enough for Amy Martin and Lauren Gordon, it must be good enough for me. Or, more likely, better than I am. Yes, definitely better.

Regardless of how I measure up to its early adopters, I'm jumping into the trend with both feet now. Behold! It is an unaesthetically pleasing sticker chart! So far I'm 2 days in, and it's good, goofy fun that keeps me on track with my oft-neglected goals.

Check it out.

I told you it wasn't pretty.

Here's how it works: For every one of the chartable behaviors I perform during the course of a day, I earn a point. When I earn a point, I highlight it. When I redeem that point for the listed treats, I will put a sticker over the highlighted point to show that it's been spent.

Whereas Amy and Lauren are specifically measuring and rewarding their self-care practices, my reward-worthy behaviors are categorized loosely under "important things I have every intention of doing and that get shunted aside for more urgent or distracting things." Most are self-care-oriented, but "read to kids" is the behavior I'm most ashamed of forgetting to do. I mean, I'm an English teacher, for the love. So if getting a sticker makes that goal more of a daily priority, then so be it.

I can only earn a point for each behavior once per day, which helps build strong habits rather than compulsive "point-hoarding" behavior. It's about habit-building and balance, people! Not plopping the kids in front of the TV and staying in bed all day reading so that I can rack up sticker points!

(Although, now that I write that... No. Wait. Bad idea. Stick with Point Allocation Plan A - only one per category per day.)

The rewards are simple: 5 points buys me either one episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or a bath with a magazine to read. 10 points means I get a trip to the ritzy Value Village in our neighborhood to do some high-class thrifting. 20 points means a pedicure. All the rewards are good, healthy treats that also serve as positive self-care. (Tip of the hat to Lauren Gordon for that idea!)

So far this system is embarrassingly satisfying. I mean, I should be more sophisticated than to be delighted by the potential of giving myself stickers and simple rewards, right? WRONG! It's so fun! I do wonder if the novelty will wear out and I'll stop keeping track, or I'll get rebellious and give up entirely. But for now it's helping me meet simple, high-value goals and form good habits.

Plus, stickers! STICKERS!

I would never, ever, ever laugh at a notebook page that encouraged me to place sticky things on it. I am a lady. (Image Source)

Just like Kimmy Schmidt would want it.

(Image Source)

(PS - These are Kimmy Schmidt stickers intended to be used in a paper planner, AND my birthday is next month. I'll leave it to you, good readers, to interpret and act on the obvious here.)