Good Stuff!

People! It's Saturday! And, from where I sit, it's sunny! And there's coffee! COFFEE! Let's celebrate!

Someone'd better photoshop my face into this pic right quick, goddammit. (Image Source)

1. Friends, I'm so excited about the formation of Case/Lang/Veirs, a supergroup of my very-favorite-ever musicians, that I could spit. Listen to this and spit with me! (Don't worry - we can pretend we're punk rockers instead of just drooling idiots. Punk rockers LOVE melodic, mellifluous harmonies, don't they? I'm sure they do.)

Here's "Honey and Smoke." No, it's not about barbecue. Shut up.

2. Tacocat! has a whole, brand new CD out! The Smartner and I don't swear in front of the Smartlings, but singing along with Lost Time might be where I break that streak. Welcome to the real world, kids! Mommy and Daddy are profane motherfuckers, but at least we introduce you to good music!

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3. Peggy Olson as Offred? SIGN ME UP! Elisabeth Moss, everyone's favorite ad exec from Mad Men, just signed on to star in a Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale.

Relatedly, does anyone else want to go as Handmaids for Halloween this year? Imagine how creepy we'd look silently floating around amongst the screaming children in our red gowns. Think about it. Get back to me.

The costume comes with baskets! For candy! That we turn over to our patriarchal overlords! Like our bodies and our freedom! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Image Source)

4. Last weekend I fully intended to run a 5k for which the final prize was a doughnut. But it was raining. Not the usual Seattle drizzle I'm used to, but rather fat, deep, rich jungle rain that soaked me to the skin before the race even began. So, rather than run the thing in total misery, my friend and I started the race, took a hard left where the course went right, and quit.

I'm the hero we need.

We still got our doughnuts, though! And I wore this awesome shirt, which I absolutely recommend for crushing your own athletic endeavors.

(Image Source)

My next race might be this one around every level of Safeco Field because running around a major league baseball field is awesome, and I know that the entire thing would be indoors and so I'd actually, you know, run it. Win-win! Plus, I bet there are hot dogs really near by!

Wishing you peace, love, and hot dogs this Saturday! Crush it, Smarties!