Good Stuff!

Good Stuff, people! Get your Good Stuff here! For a limited time only! (Ha! Just kidding! As my political advisers keep telling me, the internet is FOREVER.)

1. Hey, remember that time when we were so angry about the hateful misogynists barfing nonsense all over our female City Council members that we lost our cool and resorted to nasty name-calling ourselves? Samantha Bee doesn't make that same mistake as she eviscerates the bad guys while honoring the City Councilwomen in this clip from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Because "[b]eing a woman on the internet means receiving frequent bouquets of chivalrous offers to tear you in half cunt-first." Goddammit.

2. Next up is my prescient predilection for domestic frocking. Check it out: Just over 6 years ago, I wrote a blog post on reinventing the housecoat to make caring for my tiny daughter a less messy affair. And, since becoming an Awesome Housewife, I wear aprons almost all the time I'm at home with the Smartlings. I mean, the 'lings are messy, and I'm messier (Fun fact! Back when my last name was Miller, folks at school used to call me Ms. Spiller because, well, I'm a huge slob!), so the apron habit is a good one, if not a fashionable one.

UNTIL NOW! (cue infomercial music)

People, I bring you The Bombshell!

(Full disclosure: The tall, beautiful drink of water who appears at 1:14 in the video is my good friend, Karis, who introduced me to The Bombshell. I'd have happily bought one regardless of her owning one, but I'm SUPER going to buy one now!)

It is exactly what I wanted and didn't think I could have: A housecoat to contain the mess of my daily life that also happens to be more stylish than 90% of the clothes I'd wear underneath it. It's happening. I'm buying one, and my only regret is that I couldn't get one 6 years ago. It's better late than never to be a Bombshell bombshell!

3. This is Good Stuff. Painful Stuff. Real Stuff. Brace yourselves. "A Touch of Sexual Assault," read by 14 year old poet Kayley Dixon.

4. Boom! Devin Faraci's "The Soft Sexism of Hating on the New Ghostbusters" perfectly explains what's troubling about all of the ire directed toward the new, female Ghostbusters crew.

Hatred of the new Ghostbusters film "speaks to the way sexism (and racism and plenty of other isms) kind of lives quietly inside of us, and the way it can impact our beliefs and actions without us even once considering it. But it is truly the only answer for why the Ghostbusters reboot is THIS infuriating to this many men. They may not be consciously aware of it, but their innate sexism is giving a boost to their already-existing dislike of reboots and their disinterest in this new movie. They’re not quite angry at the idea of rebooting it (obviously we don’t have a portal to an alternate dimension to double check but I’m willing to bet these guys would be waaaay less angry if the cast included Seth Rogen and his gang. At the very least there wouldn’t be the vocal boycott brigade), they’re angry at the idea that somebody made a Ghostbusters movie that doesn’t really interest them.

Somebody made a Ghostbusters movie that isn’t for them."

No, dudes, it's not for you. It's for womenfolk, with protagonists who look like women and speak to female identities. (Specifically, it is for Shannon, the Ghostbytch-in-chief, but then you loyal readers all knew that already, yes? Yes!)

Hail to the chief! Hail to the Good Stuff!