Boom! Crash!

I just wrote something awesome, and our server ate it. I am bereft. I am also on vacation. So here, 'Murica! Let's phone it in together!

What you have here is not a video of Independence Day fireworks, but rather my very favorite firework display from New Year's Day 2008. As you can see from the video, the sequencing on the display stopped working just after the show started, so Mission Control (or whatever you call it) just said "Fuck it! Light the thing up!" I was drunk that night, and childless, and laughing uproariously at the absurdity of the moment. It was a wonderful moment of gleeful chaos - the goofy epitome of freedom. I wish you that today. Something silly, something unexpected, something a little dangerous, and something a little out of your control. Like freedom. Like life.

Happy Fourth of July, Smarties! May we have all the beer and hot dogs we desire and deserve, and may we all wake up on the Fifth with as many fingers as we woke up with on the Fourth!