Women Achieve ALL BY THEMSELVES: Olympics OTPBS

Did you know women are capable of achieving ALL BY THEMSELVES?!? Did you know women are, in fact, responsible for their own acheivements? IT’S TRUE. SHOCKING, right?

Someone needs to tell the press. And the media.

As it turns out, the press and the media are under the impression that men are responsible for women’s gold medals and record-breaking performances.

Photo Credit: Comitê Organizador Rio-2016; Image Source

Which… is wrong. And gross. And infuriating. Imagine having worked your entire life to accomplish this huge, world-renowned achievement, only to have the world credit your husband or your coach or your father. Imagine having your Olympic medal (your 3rd Olympic medal, by the way) overshadowed by your husband’s mediocre football career, as Corey Cogdell-Unrein’s was. Imagine your world-record-shattering gold medal performance being credited to your husband, the "man responsible," as swimmer Katinka Hosszu’s was. Imagine having a PERFECT RECORD—as in never having lost a competition ever—and still seeing your incredible swimming career and WORLD RECORD BREAKING gold as a small subheading beneath a man’s silver medal. I mean.

It Just. Keeps. Happening.

And it’s gross.

And it’s some Old-Timey Patriarchal Bullshit.

Because, listen. These are world-class athletes. They have worked incredibly, incredibly hard for these achievements and THEY are responsible. Not their husbands. Not their fathers. And their coaches have helped a bunch, sure, but are still not responsible. The human bodies who achieved these feats are responsible. (And P.S. Please don't refer to AMAZING WORLD CLASS ATHLETES as girls standing around a mall. Or as "girls" at all. Or talk about their bodies as objects. TALK ABOUT THE WORLD CLASS ATHLETICS THAT GOT THEM TO OLYMPICS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Geeeeeeez.)

Don’t think it’s a big deal? Think I’m over-reacting? Listen to how silly it sounds when it’s reversed here and here. AHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S SO CRAZY WHY WOULD ANYONE SAY SOMETHING THAT RIDIC…


Look. A lot of people think that we craaaaazy feminists are all craaaaaaazy with our delicate panties all in a craaaaaazy bunch… but here’s the damn proof. Misogyny is rampant. And it’s hurting all of us. So keep your eyes open, Smarties. Call people on this crap when you hear it. Point it out to your kids. Talk openly about your OWN achievements and how proud you are to have achieved them. Because everyone deserves to celebrate their own hard work. EVEN WOMEN. (Ugh. I hate that I had to write that. What world is this?) BECAUSE WE ARE PEOPLE. (Why is this something we have reiterate again and again?)

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Thank you to those people calling the bullshit exactly what it is. Like Andy Murray and Simone Biles. Also... I'd love to say people are learning their lessons, but it's just adding up by the day. Here's a good tally so far. And this.

Also, also, if you STILL want to argue with me: THIS.

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