Let's Get Biblical: Ye Olde Timey Patriarchal Bullshit*

Today's reading is from Christinicus 0:07. Please turn to the passage in your Smarty Holy Readers and read along:

"And I say unto thee, lo, yesterday at the Lego exhibit** the Goddess of Parenting did send unto mine girlchildren and to me - to test us and strengthen us - a Mansplainer of the lowest form. Yea, his years were advanced and his skin pale; A very caricature of his kind containing within all of the bluster and unearned confidence of his form.

And, yea, he did contradict loudly and with anger when I explained unto my girlchildren that the Mona Lisa picture on display was the same exact size as the real one in the Louvre. "Nay!," he shouted loudly into mine tender ears, "Nay! The real one is larger!"

Shocked, but not silenced, and so wondering why didst he wander from his own social lane, I did reply unto the gray beast "I have been there. I have seen it. With mine own eyes I have borne witness to the very dimensions of the Mona Lisa that you question."

Enraged, with becrimsoning visage, the Mansplainer did roar "I HAVE, TOO!" while advancing toward my observant girlchildren and myself.

I didst then point out unto him the gallery card which read "Scale 1:1," defending righteously: "It says the scale is 1:1. Are you telling me that this is fiction?"***

And, chastened and defeated; shamed, with wounded pride besmirched, he did scurry through the exhibit with great speed ahead of us with his amused wife and grandchild.

And, then, having seen the battle engaged for their express benefit before their comprehending eyes and receptive hearts, the girlchildren didst exclaim "He was wrong, Mom! He was wrong and you were right!"**** And my eldest girlchild did project through the walls of the exhibit "YOU STOOD UP! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO STAND UP!"**** And, so blessed by the Goddess of Parenting, we rejoiced merrily and were warmed and comforted by the strength and provision of our Most Glorious Lady.

And it was GOOD."

So, believers, I urge you to remember that the children are watching. And as they watch, they learn. As many times as I tell them that they can stand up for themselves against others who are in the wrong (or even merely in the wrong lane), no mere telling can teach as immediately and lastingly as one demonstration of what that action looks like. True, this was no MLK moment. I was no Cesar Chavez or Gloria Steinem here, no Alicia Garza, Patrice Cullers, or Opal Tometi. But I was something. The moment was something: a teachable one from which my children learned.

As we navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly of our daily social interactions, the children are watching. As we stand up for what's right and fight against what's wrong, they witness our endeavors. They see us fail, they see us rebound, they see us prevail. They see us try and try again, and sometimes - beautiful, lucky, providential sometimes - they see us win.

1:1, I assure you. (I took this just after The Incident, and look at how thrilled my older Smartling is. I mean, even her dimples have dimples she's smiling so much.)

* Many thanks to ND, my OG SM BFF, who perfected the form that I herein butcher. Of this kind of writing, she is a marvel and I am a mere acolyte fawning at her feet.

** Seattleites, see The Art of the Brick while you can. It's worth the cost, the trip, and even the Mansplaining.

*** This one's a real quote, because apparently when confronted my language turns stiltedly formal. Who knew? We all learned something that day.

****Also quotes, Goddess bless those wonderful Smartlings.