*Note: The following is a discussion between Shannon and Christina about OUR AWESOME ANNIVERSARY!

Only we make us smile like that.

CML: Hey, Shannon! Guess what! This week it's Smarty Mommies' anniversary! We've been slinging words on this website in this format for a whole year. And what a year it's been!

SB: Happy anniversary, partner in crime! Or… in writing. Business? Whatever. Remember that time we said, “Hey -we should should start an online magazine for smart, feminist parents” and then we did? That was impressive. And it was more work than just that. But, you know, the shiny veneer of the interwebs and all that. ANYWAY. The point is, it’s been awesome. We’ve done some great things, we’ve learned some things, and we have some exciting things ahead! Where shall we start this trot down memory lane? Perhaps with our Origin Story?

Danica: The original Smarty Mommy. She started it.

CML: Dude (if I may call you Dude), it has been such an incredible year of growth for our magazine, our writing, and ourselves. I mean, it's a year in which you let the world witness your growth from "Self-Care: Do It Now" (which contains my very favorite GIF use ever in the history of GIFs, the blood river scene from The Shining) all the way to you opening up to your own awesomeness with all the courage such a flowering demands in "Alone, Together" . That's a big year, friend. And your willingness to share it with readers is so generous and big-hearted, just like you.

Also, I really liked "How to Get the Most out of Hiding From Your Kids In the Bathroom," because holy shit real talk. Real talk, Brugh. Real.

SB: Dude. You can always call me Dude.

It has been a good year. I mean, sometimes it’s been a crappy year, but we’ve been able to write through it and figure some stuff out. Can we talk about how you’ve gone through your own transitional realizations and come out the other side with beautiful stories to tell? First of all: “Cleaving." That’s some gorgeous shit that ended with two Smartlings who love each other, and one Christina who’s figuring out how to let them be them and let go a bit. Which is so hard. And then "Living in First Person,"which made me cry because it was such an incredible reminder that we are, in fact, people and that we are deserving of our own likes and experiences beyond motherhood and parenthood. And then, of course, “Let’s Get Biblical: Ye Olde Timey Patriarchal Bullshit” in which you showed your girls how to stand up for themselves.

You’ve done some hard work, Christina. You’ve done some FEELING. And you shared those feelings with the internet. I mean. WHO KNEW.And then, of course, we brought our dear Jess Burnquist on board to write her incredible column Making Out, which continues to be beautiful week after week. Jess’ s understanding of her kids and of her students and of life… well… I learn from her every time she writes something for Smarty Mommies. And now, looking forward, we have some exciting additions to our little Smarty Mommies world.

Not this kind. Sweet mother of God, never this kind again. (Image Source)

CM: BUT, because we're parents, and parents are all about denying pleasure in the name of delayed gratification, you're going to have to wait for the announcements. Let us assure you, though, Smarty Readers, that the coming weeks will be big ones for our little magazine.

Shannon, thanks for being an awesome partner in crime, writing, and life. And, readers, thank you for joining us on this lark-turned-legit. Gee, we like you! MWAH!

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