Breathing Room: Post Debate Recovery

Smarties - we're dealing with a serious debate hangover over here.

I don't know how you're all doing today, but there are only so many times we can listen to a person (WHO IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OMG THIS WORLD) brush off sexual assault and use racism and xenophobia to justify horrific actions and policies before we just deflate like last week's balloons.

It's disheartening and frightening to know that this kind of hatred is still so acceptable to so many people in this country. And yet, we know it is. We feel it every day. Women experience it every day. People of color experience it every day. And so on and so on and so on. And so, we're taking a little break today to breathe in and out and recover from listening to all the insanity at last night's debate. We need to gird our loins (apparently, QUITE LITERALLY) for the final month of the presidential race, and currently, we're so damn tired from all of it. In the meantime, if you missed the debate or would like to read some interesting breakdowns, here are some pieces we found worth reading.

- A solid breakdown of the debate with fact checking and thoughts from the Washington Post

- It was not pretty last night. CNN discusses some of the uglier points.

- The NYTimes also discusses the bitterness between the candidates

- Trump answering a question about Islamophobia (from a Muslim woman) by displaying his islamophobia

- Trump still seems unclear on the fact that "inner city" and "African American" are not synonymous. Which... wow.

- Folks on Twitter respond to his confusion

- The Atlantic live blogs during/after the debate... and it is telling.

- The Oatmeal has a pretty solid handle on Trump's debate tactics

- Variety talks about the destabilization of a forum that we expect to be civilized...

- The New Yorker breaks down the debate and some of the scarier moments (dictatorship, anyone?)

- The lurking, you guys. The lurking. *shudder*

- Thank the universe for the funny people out there

Breathe in and out today, Smarties. One more month. We can do this. And then....

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