Nasty Women Unite

STOP! Gimme a beat!

Oh, wait. We're talking about a different nasty. A much less enjoyable one. Unfortunately.

THIS is the nasty we're here to talk about.

"Such a nasty woman," he says. How presidential. Old-Timey Patriarchal Bullshit much?

This insult, made in Wednesday night's 3rd and final debate, was the misogynistic battle cry heard round the world, and whoooooo boy, it was a doozy. It caused me to scream at my television (scaring the beejezus out of my kids, by the way, but not as much as that HORRIFICALLY SCIENTIFICALLY UNSOUND BULLSHIT COMMENT ABOUT NINTH MONTH ABORTIONS, ahem). And millions and millions of other women (and men, I hope) screamed at their screens right along with me.

Because... just... I mean... REALLY?

It was the culmination of all the misogynistic bigotry he's been spewing throughout this entire race (not to mention the many, many other kinds of bigotry he's spewed...), and the apex of the disrespect and attempts at intimidation he's consistently directed at his running mate.

And it was the kind of thing we've ALL heard when we've disagreed with a man. (#yesallwomen)

This was just a bridge too far.

But Nasty Women? YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT. There was an immediate and brilliant response across all of social media from Nasty Women like us. THE NASTY WOMEN CAME TOGETHER to rail against this kind of ridiculous misogyny. To rail against this man and all the ways he's tried to belittle and harm women. Nu. Uh. We are all done.

A quick search of #nastywomenunite or #suchanastywoman on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram reaffirmed my faith in humanity. And ignited my desperate need for a NASTY WOMEN UNITE shirt. Or a SUCH A NASTY WOMAN hoodie. So, my friends? We made some. And you can get one, too.

Are you Nasty Pregnant Woman? Gotchya.

Need some Nasty Beverages? A Nasty sticker? No problem.

Nasty and chilly? Nasty and in need of a Rocky hoodie? Sweet. It's here.

Need a way to carry your Nasty lunch and Nasty booze? COOL.

Head to our Store for your Nasty Woman gear, and let's show this sad excuse for a presidential candidate that he cannot intimidate us. Because sir? You've just caused NASTY WOMEN UNITE, and we are not backing down. We're in control. Speaking of...

p.s. If you haven't seen this, watch it immediately. Nasty Woman fragrance, yo. If only it was real.

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