Don't tell Shannon I'm buying this for her for Valentine's Day. Shhhhhhhh. (Image Source/Purchase Information)

You may not have noticed, friends, but I am a feminist.

Ha! Just kidding! Of course you noticed, because I keep telling you and writing about feminism and shouting it from the rooftops, etc.

What you likely didn't know, however, is that I also love Valentine's Day. LOVE IT. With abandon, in spite of critical thinking, regardless of the sexist, heterosexist, monogamist, capitalist nonsense associated with Valentine's Day, I love it.

It's so pretty! Pink and red look so good together! Hearts are sweet! And, more than anything, I love love, so a holiday dedicated (however ridiculously and superficially) to affection is up just about every alley I have.


So, how does one reconcile one's political beliefs with one's love of the most sexist holiday in the calendar?

With feminist Valentines, that's how!

Join me in a little shopping, won't you, just in time to get your feminist sweetheart the Valentine they deserve and long for. And if you're your own feminist sweetheart, BUY TWO. You're worth it, your self-love is worth it, chocolate and hearts are worth it, and I totally hope you get lucky with your damn self after you open your cards. (All images property of the linked businesses.)

(Image Source)

1. This beauty might be my favorite. I don't know exactly how many of these I'll be buying for the 14th, but they can expect a run on this card now that I've found it.

2. Giving to someone for whom you've yet to declare your love? Keep it light with an "I like you" Valentine! This should do the trick!

3. Have a lot of Valentines to give this year? This set is perfect for sharing the love far and wide! (Save the Obama & Biden one for me!)

4. Are you giving a card to your ladyfriend? Then by all means, make it this one.

5. Giving one to your dudefriend? Then, by all means (and hopefully it's deserved), make it this one.

6. Giving one to anyone whose pants you'd like to get into? Here you go!

7. Cupcakes looking naked, and not in a sexy way? Fix that with these feminist cupcake toppers!

8. Want to subvert conversation hearts? Pop these stickers in your planner!

9. STILL want to subvert conversation hearts? Wear this heart on your sleeve!

10. And finally, because you're no dummy and chocolate is good EVERY day of the year, I got you this.

Here's to love! Here's to friendship! Here's to feminism and humor and chocolate on the 14th and forever!

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