Rough Week: Stand By

I'm not gonna lie. Here's where I am right now:

AGAIN. Things have been really rough for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are TWELVE FULL DAYS of two sick kids, sick with totally different things. There has been no sleep up in this house, but there has been a lot of barf buckets, tissues, fevers, sore throats, hacking, and some tears. Also, now I'm sick. (The tears were mine.)

I've also been working long hours in between care-taking sick kiddos, so I have gotten no writing done. None. Zilch. I *do* have several unfinished essays that have been taunting me from my desktop, though. Little bastards. ANYWAY. Since I have nothing new for you, I thought I'd leave you with the things I've read that have gotten me through this week, because telling you about the irresponsible amount of time I spent looking at hooded sweatshirts is not going to help anyone. Read these. You'll be happy you did.

  • This wonderfully silly piece at McSweeney's, Betsy DeVos Delivers the Morning Announcements, is just the kind of satire we need to make it through this ridiculous administration's clownery. Because... christ, you guys. What even is happening? I also recommend you go through nearly everything they've posted in the last, oh, month? Because, hooooooooo doggy.

  • A friend told me about this after I cried on the phone with her LIKE THE FULLY TOGETHER HUMAN I AM, and even whilst sniffling I clapped and squee-ed because Whitman! Also, it made me go read some Whitman poems, which always does me good.

  • And, finally, we've had two really great pieces up this week that I completely loved.

  • This one, by Christina, was an incredible reminder about the power of seeing your people. She's right, and we all need to work harder to make it happen. And I swear on all the coffee in the world that as soon as I'm not sick anymore, I'll be calling all my people.

  • And this stunning piece, by Kirsten, is mind-blowingly beautiful and poignant and important. It was something I really needed to read, but it was also something I really enjoyed reading, and that is a rare gift.

And, by the way, if you're having a rough time, too, hang on. Reach out to your friends, even if it freaks you out. *ahem* Talk to your people and ask for help if you need it, as hard and as awful as that sometimes feels. They'll see you. #hangon

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