Crafts That Don't Suck: Feminist Edition

We've spoken before about how I'm an ardent clever crafts-lover, yes?

Seriously. Just posting this GIF made me physically long for a good skein of wool and some bamboo knitting needles. (Image source)

Yes! We have! The last time it was in terms of holiday crafts and refusing to make sucky craft projects when there are so many ideas for great ones out there. And today it is to brag about the fantastic feminist crafting my Smartlings did last weekend at my older daughter's Girl Scout meeting.

Let me set the scene:

My older Smartling's Brownie troop just finished their cookie sales and are donating their service project money to Reel Grrls, an after-school program here in Seattle for girls and gender-nonconforming youth ages 9 - 20. Through Reel Grrls, participants learn to analyze and produce media through a feminist lens. It's a great program, and I'm so glad the valuable skills my Smartling's Girl Scout troop learned through cookie sales were able to benefit such a wonderful feminist organization. It's like a perfect circle of girl-powered, feminist awesomeness.

In gratitude for the troop's financial donation (and just because the organization is generous and amazing), our Brownies have gotten to partner with Reel Grrls in support of their "The Future is Feminist" program. The girls have gotten to participate in a video project around the idea of "The Future is Feminist," and then last week they made these beauties:

Image Source: My friend, Lyla. Child Source: Me.

What you've got there is a Brownie wearing a homemade The Future is Feminist t-shirt! Now, because she is a total sweetheart (This is hot hyperbole; I gave birth to Pollyanna's kinder, sweeter incarnation.), her shirt is decorated with rainbow letters, hearts, stars, and a woman and man pairing together in the battle against gender inequality. All it took was a thrifted white t-shirt, some fabric markers, a belief in women's rights, and some imagination, and PRESTO! My kid is punk AF in the tradition of American Analog Set while also being sweet AF (That's a thing, I assure you.)

And what you've got here is my younger Smartling's creative vision brought to life through fabric markers and thrifted cotton. Her inner feminist must have been feeling a little peckish at the meeting, because those are pancakes, friends, and they proudly sport prominent butter pats. My Smartner helped her by spelling the words she wrote, but the pancakes were all her doing.

So, for your next rally or protest or public political action, if you want to go full-on DIY, anti-capitalist, punk rock, or you just really love breakfast and can't find a shirt that combines both feminism and pancakes, I recommend this project. It does not suck. In fact, it is delightful in its earnestness and absurdity, affordable, and doable for most age groups.

Feminist pancakes: We're about it. See you at the IHOP! You'll know us by our awesome shirts!