Sometimes Things Are Okay

I have a secret. But I can't tell you because if I tell you it might stop being true and that would suck. Okay fine, I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone else. Promise? Okay. Here goes. I've been having a good time with my kids lately. WHAT NO I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.


Now, I can't talk about this for two reasons.

Reason 1: People who constantly talk about how much they adore spending time with their wonderful, perfect kids and never talk about the often soul-sucking reality of spending time with their kids make me want to die and I cannot be one of those people not ever. Because, let us be very real: Kids are EXHAUSTING. I love my kids so, so much. But I do not always enjoy them. No, I do not.

Reason 2: If I say it out loud, the little humans in my life will immediately cease any pleasantness and will revert back to their whiny, fussy, sassy, needy ways full time. And I've had a lifetime supply, thank you very much. Also, it'll happen again any second anyway, but I don't need to rush it.

So I gotta be RUL careful about what I say here. So just... I'm going to speak in general terms and you're going to understand, deal? Deal.

Sometimes, people spend a bunch of time together and they don't hate each other at the end of it. That's cool when that happens.

Sometimes, people go outside with each other and run around in nature and that's a pleasant thing that makes everyone less hateful because trees and fresh air and sunshine and stuff.

Sometimes, people talk to each other and have real conversations about the world and life and philosophy and talking about these things can be enlightening and enjoyable for all those involved, even though it involves absolutely no screen time.

Sometimes, siblings spend time playing together and hugging a lot instead of trying to destroy each others' Lego creations out of pure vitriolic spite.

Sometimes, adult people work on their patience with child people and that turns out to be helpful and make for more enjoyable interactions that are much less yell-y.

Sometimes, people remember to talk about how they feel rather than lashing out in weird and a-little-too-exciting ways and that turns out to be a much better choice for everyone involved.

Sometimes, everyone evens their keel at the same time and wow is that helpful.

Anyway, I don't know who these people are that are getting along so well, because that sounds disgustingly unrealistic and who do they think they are, HMM?!?

Here's a nice picture of some children who are not currently arguing with anyone, so that's nice or whatever.