Pre-Func Good Stuff!

Pre-different-func: I begged Shannon do my makeup for a fancy gala, and she turned me into a magical lady.

Shannon Brugh: Is there anything she can't do?

Good morning, sweet friends!

First, do you say "Pre-funk," as in "before getting funky," or "Pre-func," as in "before a function?" Either seems valid as today I am embarking on a funky trip to attend a funky function, which I will write about next week. So, until then, I give you this array of good stuff to tickle your palate and tide you over until I spill the beans (Are they beans? Ask my Smartner just to be sure.) about this weekend's wild goings-on in a later installment.

1. I will never shut up about the unfair burden of emotional labor on women, and I will never stop trying to make invisible work visible to those who benefit from it. Along these two lines, I demand that you, smart readers, click away from this illustrious magazine and read "You Should've Asked" immediately. It's a beautifully drawn and written explanation of the "mental load," the unseen effort that women in heterosexual relationships make to keep the family and the household running smoothly.

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Women: read it so that you can recognize the ways in which you may have fallen into extra, unacknowledged labor and how to get your partner to share the work. Men: read it so that you can recognize the ways in which you need to step up in order to have a relationship and household founded in labor parity.

2. We are all familiar with how I feel about the utility of failure, right? Of course we are! We are avid readers of Smarty Mommies and never miss an installment! (Just nod. Keep nodding. There. Awkwardness avoided.)


Look at what serendipitous glory the Internet brought me when I searched for a GIF of a nodding head! Clearly we are soulmates, yes? Yes. Clearly. (Image Source)

You can stop nodding now and start listening with me to the "Total Failure" series on NPR's All Things Considered. I discovered it on accident yesterday when I caught the tail end of "Total Failure: The World's Worst Video Game," about Howard Scott Warshaw, creator of Atari's infamously unsuccessful E.T. video game. It's a spectacular piece about Warshaw's rise to prominence in 1980's Silicon Valley and ultimately dramatic - but fruitful! - plummet into infamy. It's the best kind of failure story, in which the protagonist is able to learn from his mistakes and pivot from rock-bottom into something meaningful.

I'm going to download the two other episodes in the series, "Total Failure: How George Foreman's Losses Showed Him The Light," and "Total Failure: When The Space Shuttle Didn't Come Home" to listen to on my trip to Func-y Town tomorrow. Although the latter piece will obviously be more somber in tone, I look forward to learning great lessons even from tragic failures.

3. Remember that one time when Lupita Nyong'o and Rihanna were photographed together at a fashion show, and folks on Twitter loved the pic so much that they imagined a whole caper movie based on the picture?

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And then Rihanna and Lupita caught wind of their viral pic and it's speculative fanfic and were all, like, "You want to make this into a real movie?" "Yeah, let's make it into a real movie!" And then Twitterers were all "Hey, Selma director Ava DuVernay! You want to direct our make believe movie?" And she was all "Heck yeah!" And then the Twitter peeps were all, "Hey, Issa Rae of HBO's Insecure, you want to write this pretend movie?" And she was all "YUP, I DO."

And then Netflix threw a bunch of money at the whole Nyong'o/Rihanna/DuVernay/Rae project, and now it's really happening, and it's so chock-full of awesomeness that I might have just died and gone to heaven? Remember that?


4. Let's all take a moment to slow-clap it on out for Austin mayor Steve Adler and his excellent repudiation of sexism in a response to an incoherent letter criticizing the city for being home to a theater that hosted a women-only viewing of Wonder Woman.

You want to see a classy means of shutting down a troll? Read on, readers! Mayor Adler kindly, gently offers no retreat, surrender, or quarter in his firm denial of sexist nonsense.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but both are REAL good. (Image Source)

4 1/2. Shannon and I are taking each other to the new Wonder Woman movie for our birthdays. Because that's what our life together is, readers: constant makeovers, movie nights, and feminism. You know, like the sleepover scene in Grease, but with a lot more bell hooks.

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*But don't call it "Black Girl Magic," because no one needs to be denied their basic humanity.