Celebrating 4th of July in Our Current Political Climate

Dear Smarties, Tomorrow is the 4th of July. If you are feeling less than patriotic, if you're feeling disenfranchised, if you're feeling confused by and disappointed in our country and our government of late... you are not alone. I'm not very proud to be American right now. But. As we invariably get together tomorrow to spend time with family and friends and watch things explode in the sky as an ode to our country's independence, let's try to remember all the good. Let's try to remember what we have to fight for. Let's try to remember to keep fighting for what we believe in, because America—in all it's complex, diverse glory—really can be beautiful. Tomorrow, I'm going to talk to my kids about what I love about this country. About why, even with its many many flaws, we are lucky to live here. I'm going to read them Rad American Women. I'm going to try, really hard, to remember the good. Let's a find a way to make tomorrow meaningful. It may not be easy, but I have to believe it's worth it. We need to remember why we choose to live here and why we choose to celebrate a country founded on freedom, independence, and the right to pursue happiness. Let's pursue happiness, friends. Happy Independence Day, Smarties. xoxo Shannon

p.s. If you have the means to do so, you can REALLY celebrate liberty and independence by donating to any number of awesome, American organizations that help other Americans and folks trying to become Americans. You can also celebrate your American right to make your opinions heard and call your Senators, Congress people, and local reps to voice your support or displeasure for the work they're doing (or not doing).