All Hail Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum!

Award-winning author and bees' knees, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum! (Image Source)

Friends! It is with great happiness that we here at Smarty Mommies congratulate Rattle & Pen's Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum on winning the 2017 Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction for her forthcoming book of stories, What We Do with the Wreckage.

Lee K. Abbot, Flannery O'Connor's series editor writes “Blessed with a tongue as sharp as her eye, Kirsten Lunstrum is an astonishingly mature teller of tales, keen to both fair and right about our tribe between margins, sensitive to subtlety and nuance, and unafraid of the dark truths that must be brought to light. Friends, you will not read a smarter, more stylish, or more fetchingly well-told collection of stories this year."

"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD THIS IS SO FREAKING RAD!," scream Smarty Mommies editors Christina Miller Larsen and Shannon Brugh while jumping up and down heavily in sensible shoes.

What We Do with the Wreckage is set for publication by the University of Georgia Press in 2018.

Can't wait that long? Neither can we! So let's all re/visit Kirsten's other excellent writing, including her previous collections, The Life She's Chosen and Swimming With Strangers. Also, check out her swanky new website! So fancy!

Stop reading this and go read these fine stories NOW. I'm not just writing that because these are Amazon Affiliate links that will earn us dozens of cents, but also because these are fantastic stories. (Image Source)

Congratulations, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, on your richly deserved win! We are so honored to know you, appreciate you, and read your words!

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